The Course:-

This course addresses the requirement in ISO 9001:2000 for Continual Improvement.
Recognition that even satisfactory performance can be improved, is vital for success as well as commitment to correcting errors and seeking to prevent problems.

The course covers basic problem-solving skills; the step by step approach advocated allowing  complex problems to be analysed to ensure the true cause is eliminated thus preventing  re-occurence.

Company Policy and Objectives are discussed in the context of auditing and improvement and the guidance provided in ISO 9004:2000.

Individuals who are trained will be able to make a significant contribution to reducing costs and increasing profit in their business by elimination of non-value adding activities.

Who should attend:-
Personnel at all levels will benefit from attending this course. The course will be of particular interest to senior/middle management in an organisation with the desire to introduce company-wide quality improvement skills into their business, the Q.S.S. courses "Introduction to SPC" and  "Introduction to Problem Solving Skills Company-wide" being a natural progression from this course.

For organisations interested in the "Six-Sigma" approach, the course provides an introduction to both the concept and the tools available.
Philosophy of Successful Business and the basic techniques for getting ideas and tackling problems:-
  • Brainstorming                                  
  • Evaluation
  • Prioritising
  • Process Analysis
  • Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Data Gathering and Handling
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Brainstorming for Solutions
  • Presenting the Solution
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Links to ISO 9004:2000 and Business Excellence
The Role of Management:-
  • Motivating Personnel
  • Setting objectives
  • Promoting Continual Improvement
1 day       As an alternative to attending our Training School, the course can be presented in-house if required.

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